Kunst-stoff or Kunststoff is a German-made anti-static acrylic cleaner that is regarded in the industry as the standard for high quality cleaners.
$27.50 inc. GST
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Evonik's ACRIFIX® is the official glue of PLEXIGLAS® high quality acrylics. It will create an extremely strong join between your two materials.
$31.90 inc. GST
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HDPE plastic welding rod for the use in our top quality Leister plastic welding tools. Perfect for fabricating HDPE tanks & manufactured products.
$66.00$187.00 inc. GST
Premium Leister silicone pressure roller with wooden handle for plastic welding. Ergonomic design for comfortable grip with sustained use.
$99.00 inc. GST
Leister Wide Slot Nozzles For TRIAC, HOT JET S & GHIBLI Plastic Welders.
$75.90 inc. GST
Leister brass penny roller for plastic welding, perfect for sealing the joins in roofing and waterproofing applications.
$60.50 inc. GST
Leister Seam Probe Tester for roofing and waterproofing applications. Used to detect faults in seam overlaps.
$23.10 inc. GST
Tecniseal is the recommended Evonik sealant for PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss when used in wet applications requiring a seal. Available in white and clear.
$27.50 inc. GST
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This premium hand held groover is the ideal gouging tool for vinyl floor layers and covering smade with PVC or linoleum.
$324.50 inc. GST
Spare blade for the top quality Leister Groovy hand groover gouging tool.
$93.50 inc. GST
Leister spatula with quarter moon scraping knife with wooden handle. This is the perfect plastic welding knife for flooring applications.
$84.70 inc. GST
Leister Trimming Guide For Flooring in Plastic Welding Applications. Ideal with Leister Hot Air Hand Tools such as TRIAC AT with Speed Welding Nozzle.
$24.20 inc. GST